The EMPIRE survey of dense gas

Our Publications

  • Variations in the Star Formation Efficiency of the Dense Molecular Gas across the Disks of Star-forming Galaxies - Usero, A. et al. 2015
  • The EMPIRE Survey: Systematic Variations in the Dense Gas Fraction and Star Formation Efficiency from Full-disk Mapping of M51 - Bigiel, F. et al. 2016
  • Optical Depth Estimates and Effective Critical Densities of Dense Gas Tracers in the Inner Parts of Nearby Galaxy Discs - Jiménez Donaire, M. J., et al. 2017
  • 13CO/C18O Gradients in the Disks of Spiral Galaxies - Jiménez Donaire, M. J., et al. 2017
  • Millimeter-wave Line Ratios and Sub-beam Volume Density Distributions - Leroy, A. K., et al. 2017
  • Full-disc 13CO mapping across nearby galaxies of the EMPIRE survey and the CO-to-H2 conversion factor - Cormier, D. et al. 2018
  • Do Spectroscopic Dense Gas Fractions Track Molecular Cloud Surface Densities? - Gallagher, M. et al. 2018
  • Dense Gas, Dynamical Equilibrium Pressure, and Star Formation in Four Nearby Star-Forming Galaxies - Gallagher, M. et al. 2018
  • The EMPIRE Dense Gas Nearby Galaxy Survey - Jiménez Donaire, M. J., et al. (in review)
  • 12CO(2-1)/(1-0) Line Ratio Across Nearby Disk Galaxies in EMPIRE - Chatzigiannakis, D. et al. (in prep.)